Project Name: E-learning – The Transfer of Innovation in the Field of Modern Health Care Equipment
Program: Lifelong Learning Programme / Leonardo da Vinci
Implementation Period: 1 October 2010 – 30 September 2012 (24 months)
Applicant/Coordinator: LINET spol. s r.o. (CZ)

Partners: wissner-bosserhoff GmbH (DE), LINET FRANCE S.A.S (FR), DESAN FLEX LINET, S.L. (ES), Czech Nursing Association (CZ), Litoměřice Municipal Hospital a.o. (CZ)

The primary goal of this project is:to create an effective teaching tool (e-learning courses) to provide participants the necessary up to date knowledge from the field of health care technology in their native language. During the creation of the courses, the results of previous projects will be applied (e-learning courses in English focused on the field of health care technology); these will be carried forward to partner countries and expanded to meet the needs of other target groups (hospital employees). The aim of the project is to develop expert knowledge of the target group from the field of health care technology to meet job market demand. As previously determined, it is precisely within the health care technology field that the selection of educational programs is inadequate and often outdated, as this sector is experiencing rapid development.

Within the framework of the project, analysis was first conducted in partner countries to determine the feasibility of applying the given courses in e-learning form to a different field for a different target group – the health care/hospital sector. According to the results of the analysis, the portion of innovative content correlating to the requirements of the target group will be chosen from the original six courses. The analysis will allow for the identification of material for three new courses. All nine courses will then be adapted to the needs of the target group, tested on a pilot group, and subsequently carried forward to the new countries (France, Germany, and Spain).

The main elements of the project will be the nine e-learning courses from the field of health care technology in 4 language versions (Czech, German, French, and Spanish) – a total of 36 courses. These courses will enable the expert education of health care workers in the field of health care technology in their native language.

E-learning – The Transfer of Innovation in the Field of Modern Health Care Equipment