Projects for which LINET received a grant from European grants funds are mainly intended to support equal employment opportunities and to educate the professional community.

International project Mobility

Seven partner organisations from several European countries, including LINET, are seeking opportunities for innovation in the field of life-long learning and professional training of non-medical health care workers.

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As part of this project, LINET is creating comprehensive methodology for harmonising the work-life balance and for systematic adherence to the principles of equal employment opportunities. One of the main objectives is for the methodology to also be applicable in the environment of other employers.  


The aim of the project is to develop an effective teaching tool that allows the development of professional knowledge in the field of medical technology. Emphasis is placed on ensuring that the tool allows content to be flexibly adapted to dynamic development in this branch.

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S program

The project focuses on support for the professional training of pupils in technical fields at secondary schools and vocational training centres and their subsequent integration into the work process. As part of the project, LINET is working with a number of secondary schools in the Central Bohemian Region, whose students can get work experience at the firm.

LINET development centre

The aim of the project is to significantly expand and modernise the LINET development centre. It envisages, among other things, the construction of new premises for the centre, which should ensure adequate conditions with regard to the significant growth in the capacity of the development department in recent years.

Company day care centre

The project expands the possibilities for improving the harmonisation of employees’ work-life balance.  The day care centre, with a capacity of 42 children, operates on the site of the plant, and can be used not only by LINET employees, but also by other residents in the region.

LINET training centre

The training centre on company premises at LINET focuses on educating company employees, business partners and suppliers in the area of modern medical equipment. With its unique facilities, the centre places special emphasis on innovation and new technology in healthcare and the production of medical equipment.

Education project

The project focuses on the further professional development of company employees and the innovation of the in-house company education system.