“The congress is attended by doctors and nurses from all over the world, many of whom know our products and work with them, so for us the event is an excellent source of feedback on our beds,” says LINET brand manager Michaela Domerecká. “For the duration of the congress, there was a great deal of interest in the new Eleganza 5 and the Multicare as well as in the Symbioso active mattress and the new Opticare active mattress,” she adds.

The “home” LINET Italia team took advantage of the congress to address its customers while also interacting with foreign guests. “We saw serious interest in LINET’s technologies namely on the part of Scandinavia and Great Britain,” explains Ms Domerecká. One of the biggest successes was a presentation for visitors from countries of the former USSR. “We hosted VIP customers from Russia and Azerbaijan and also met with other visitors from Russian-speaking countries with sizeable delegations at ESICM: LIVES 2016. At the booth, I had everything I needed to conduct meetings and give presentations, and the selection of products was practically ideal,” says with content LINET’s manager for the region Josef Nováček.

Visitors to the LINET booth took part in special presentations and workshops focused on the Eleganza 5 and had opportunities to compete for attractive prizes. Sales of the new Eleganza 5 will commence this autumn. The launch will be supported by an original campaign with a central theme based on art and ballet and featuring photographs by world-renowned photographer Robert Vano.


ESICM: LIVES 2016 in a nutshell

Number of delegates: 6,116

Number of exhibitors: 73 Number of LINET beds: 2

Number of competition participants: 31


Official LIVES 2016 video on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LtXicRJ4-os

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