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Despite the fact that the Image 3 W is one of the newer additions to the company’s portfolio, it has already managed to attract a lot of attention. The electrically adjustable Image 3 W bed is particularly extraordinary thanks to the fact that despite its sophisticated and attractive design it can be cleaned in automatic hospital washers and is thus able to meet the demanding requirements of patients and caregivers for cleanliness and hygiene. “It’s truly unbelievable that we’ve already succeeded in winning three prestigious awards with the Image 3 W model. We very much value this honor. These awards belong to everyone who contributed to the development of the bed. It really is the perfect combination of design and function,” says LINET product manager Iveta Kinterová.

In addition to global recognition in the form of the IF award for product design, the IMAGE 3 W has also earned the Plus X Award, which represents the highest global recognition for technology, sport, and lifestyle. The Image 3 W prevailed in five of seven categories: innovation, quality, design, functionality, and ergonomics. The third in the collection of honors is the M&K AWARD. The competition is organized by one of the most important healthcare magazines, Management and Krankenhaus, which is distributed in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Winners are not chosen by a panel of experts but by the magazine’s readers. LINET prevailed with the Image 3 W in the category of buildings and interiors. 

The appearance of the Image 3 W model was designed by Jiří Španihel, one of the most emphatic figures in contemporary Czech industrial design. Thanks to its elegant design, the bed will find application in a wide range of hospital and nursing care settings.

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